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Specialists in Digital Marketing Bringing Customers to Local Businesses

We have invested huge amount of cash, effort, and work to test all online advertising tools and strategies to bring customers to local businesses. We realize what works and what doesn’t, and where and how to contribute to get the largest return on investment. And that’s the value we bring to you: our goal is to get customers to call you so that you can grow your business. 

Our key strategy is to get customers to find you first when they are searching for your service or product on Google and search engines. And, more importantly, when the customers find you, they will see that your business has great online reviews. So simple, but effective.

Don’t Pay for Marketing or Advertising, Pay for Getting Customers to Call You

We are business owners like you, we have previously spent huge amount of cash on marketing and advertising, working with marketing & advertising agencies dealing with salespeople selling us a wide range of marketing & advertising stuff which we should require, just to discover later that they didn’t actually bring customers after all the money invested. 

Sales reps in marketing & advertising agencies have their measurements to sell as much as they can, but when you closely look at the campaigns and ads they do for your business, all look very plain: “Great service, purchase now!” and truly sounding the same as your competitors, so zero difference. 

Moreover, many agencies have lock-in contracts! With us, you don’t have any lock-in contract whatsoever, we are very confident we will get customers to find and call you, but you are free to cancel our service at any time. 

And to prove that our system really works, we offer you first a free 30-day trial.

Effortlessly Manage Your Online Reputation With Our System

You know you need reviews but getting your customers to review used to be like pulling teeth, painful. With our system, it is now easy and painless for you to ask for and your customers to leave real reviews. 

Those 97% of consumers who use online reviews to make purchase decisions have made up their mind who to buy from before they even call or stop by, we make sure they choose you. 

Consistent reviews will make your business rank higher on search results, complimenting all of your other online efforts and when you get found we make sure you are looking good! 

90% of your happy customers would leave you a review if it was easy. We turn them into one of your most powerful marketing tools. Their kind words are keywords, endorsements, recommendations, ranking and brand building trust, which is converted into new sales for you. 

Any negative feedback from unhappy customers gets internalized allowing them a way to vent their frustrations and giving you the opportunity to respond and react quickly to unhappy customers and identify employee issues. 

Where should the reviews go? You don’t have to worry about managing your reputation anymore, Our system uses advanced algorithms and A.I. to decide where to send each review based on live data.

The Reputation Management and Marketing System Working for YOU 24/7

After identifying all the review sites you should have reviews on, you will get reviews from about 40% of your customers and each good review gets sent to the review site it will be most effective on for your business, right now automatically. 

You will get reviews on all sites that matter to your business today and into the future. You will be alerted immediately to important changes in your online reputation so you can react at the speed of business.


Quickly Get to the Top of Search

Google and other major search engines are putting more emphasis on current reviews every time they do an update. 

Our users have seen dramatic rank increases on Google when we consistently get positive reviews from their happy customers. 

Reviews contain keywords which will attract more people to your web presence, increasing your visibility.

Online Reviews
(Reputation Management)

When you search for a service/product on Google, which business do you choose to contact, one with 5-star reviews or one with 2 stars? Right!

Google My Business
(Google Business Profile)

When you search for a service on Google, which business do you usually contact, one on the first page in the Google Maps section? Or one on the third page? Right!

Search Engine Optimization
(Organic Traffic)

When you search for a service on Google, which business do you usually contact, one appearing on the first page of Google? Or one appearing on the third page? Right!

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